Product Provided

A major manufacturer (name withheld) was developing a robotic spray application to be used in mass production. In order to make their new technology worthwhile, they needed a paint that could spray well over long periods of time without clogging. GOLDEN Paintworks’ experience in customizing coatings formulas to meet individual performance criteria, made it possible to provide the expertise necessary to formulate a sprayable paint that satisfied this client’s requirements.

robotic-spray-page-imageA free-flowing, non-clogging paint stream was the essential attribute necessary for the client’s new mass production technology, allowing manufacturing processes to continue unhindered by having to clean the machinery. The paint would also need to be able to stay idle in the machines for periods of time without drying or changing in consistency. In general, the paint formulation needed to assure consistent performance under a range of conditions, and achieve a standard controlled effect throughout production.

With a 10 year history of research into sprayable paint systems, Golden Artist Colors was able to offer this client a significant body of information and testing protocol toward realization of what would ultimately be the selected formula. In fact, this manufacturer had originally contacted GOLDEN Paintworks because their experience confirmed that our Airbrush line performed better than any other sprayable product off the shelf. Our research had enabled us to create an acrylic waterborne paint with sufficient open time so as not to dry within the machinery, resulting in inevitable clogging and the need for incessant cleaning common to airbrush systems.

Further research was required for this client in order to find a polymer that would give adequate adhesion and durability properties for the surfaces receiving paint. The sprayed surfaces needed to be scuff resistant and chemical resistant, as they would be exposed to wear and to molten rubber materials. Atomization had to be maximized to minimize spitting and splattering. We also had to ensure sufficient wetting to allow the coatings to adhere to a variety of surfaces, including leather and plastics. Finally, we experimented with a variety of colors, including metallic and interference colors, as we attempted to give the surface a reflective effect.

Summary of Requirements

  • Create a paint that can be sprayed for 3-5 minutes without clogging or otherwise diminishing in performance.
  • A 65% or better duty-cycle must be maintained during intermittent operation on an 8 hour shift.
  • Paint must be able to stay idle in the machine for a minimum of 10 minutes without clogging or other degradation.
  • Normal blockages must be cleanable using automated flush cleaning cycles. No disassembly of airbrush required.
Creative Solutions:

  • – Selection of polymer to give adequate adhesion and durability.
  • – Atomization had to be optimized in order to minimize spitting and spattering.
  • – Optimization of surface tension to ensure uniform wetting of the substrate.
  • – Developed layering colors to achieve a reflective effect.