Golden Paintworks Theme Paints are formulated using advanced, exterior pigment and resin technologies, to create an array of clean, intense, lightfast colors for painting and enhancing themed facades, rock work and entertainment venues.  Golden’s passion for quality, and attention to detail, means consistent colors, application properties and paint film characteristics you can count on, when creating the best guest experience possible for your clients.

GPW Theme Paint Technical Data Sheet
GPW Theme Paint SDS


Theme Bismuth Vanadate Yellow
Theme Moss Yellow
Theme Medium Yellow
Theme Yellow Orange
Theme Pyrrole Orange


Theme Pyrrole Red Light
Theme Pyrrole Red
Theme Pyrrole Red Dark
Theme Quinacridone Violet
Theme Purple
Theme Dioxazine Purple


Theme Phthalo Blue RS
Theme Phthalo Blue GS
Theme Hookers Green Hue
Theme Sap Green Hue
Theme Chrome Oxide Green
Theme Medium Green
Theme Yellow Green

Earth Colors

Theme Yellow Oxide
Theme Raw Sienna
Theme Burnt Sienna
Theme Burnt Umber
Theme Raw Umber
Theme Carbon Black
Theme Payne’s Gray
Theme Titanium White (High Hide)


Transparent Oxides

Theme Transparent Red Oxide
Theme Transparent Yellow Oxide
Theme Transparent Brown Oxide
Theme Transparent Black Oxide
Theme Transparent Carbon Black

Iridescent Colors

Theme Iridescent Bronze
Theme Iridescent Statuary Bronze
Theme Iridescent Copper
Theme Iridescent Gold
Theme Iridescent Pale Gold
Theme Iridescent Champagne
Theme Iridescent Silver
Theme Iridescent Pearl