Robin Puckett

Charlotte, NC-based Robin Puckett of Creative Brushworks creates gorgeous canvas art works and murals with our Metallic Textures tinted with Slow Dry Acrylics and artist acrylics. All are created with blades and spatulas, with no paint or brushes! Her unique way of creating with plaster textures caught our eye and we thought her work would be perfect to highlight as our January 2020 Featured Finish.

What do you love most about this type of creative work?
I love how I can create dimension with the Metallic Texture depending on how I apply it, from a beautiful sheer shimmer to a thick impasto. I’m enjoying how I’m able to paint in a more impressionist style as opposed to the highly realistic work that I also do. The Metallic Texture is so easy to work with and the Pearl Base is so easily tinted within the Slow Dry Fluid Acrylics.

What is your fave Golden Paintworks product?
My favorite is definitely the Metallic Texture Pearl Base!

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