Mural & Theme

Mural & Theme paints designed for the professional muralist and theme designer. These paints have extraordinary capabilities: high pigment load, clean color mixing, excellent exterior durability, and a luxurious feeling artists love.  

All colors are available in Pints and Gallons.  Are you ready to experience the Golden standard of mural paint?          

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Golden Paintworks® Mural & Theme Paints are formulated using advanced, exterior pigments and resin technologies to create an array of clean, intense, lightfast colors for painting and enhancing a wide variety of projects from murals to themed façades, entertainment venues, and color branded commercial buildings. 

Standard Colors

Golden Paintworks® Mural & Theme Paints  are formulated with high quality artist-grade pigments, so the colors are strong, clean, and bright. Mural & Theme Paints are 100% acrylic, have good coverage, offer excellent leveling and dry to an even satin sheen. Brush, roller or spray apply. Available in 16 oz. Jars & Gallon sizes

Color Options

 Recommended for Interior Use Only

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Iridescent Colors – Suitable for Exterior Use

Golden Paintworks® Mural & Theme Iridescents are formulated with 100% acrylic, exterior grade resins and the finest iridescent pigments, creating a range of satin-sheen, lightfast colors that match the needs of experienced Mural artists and Theme designers. Available in 16 oz. Jars & Gallon sizes.

Color Options

Transparent Iron Oxide Colors

Golden Paintworks® Mural & Theme Transparent Iron Oxide colors are created using transparent, nontoxic pigments with excellent color strength, UV absorption and weathering stability. These versatile colors work well creating aged effects as washes or mixed in glazes. Achieve a full range of standard and exotic wood shades by blending the transparent colors together or with other standard colors. A must for serious rockwork artists: the contrast of intense to subtle shading of natural rock is easily obtained. Available in 16 oz. Jars & Gallon sizes.

Color Options


GPW Mural Starter Kit Small

Small Mural Starter Kit 

Golden Paintworks® Small Mural Starter Kit includes 4 colors: Bismuth Vanadate Yellow, Phthalo Blue Green Shade, Pyrrole Red, and Titanium White. Experience the body, strength of color and high-chroma mixability in this basic color set. Also suitable for exterior use. This set will provide enough paint to complete a 150-200 sq. ft. mural.                       Kit includes 4-16oz. sized jars and mural information packet.

Included Colors

GPW Mural Starter Kit Large

Large Mural Starter Kit

Golden Paintworks® Large Mural Starter Kit includes 7 colors: Titanium White, Pyrrole Red, Phthalo Blue Green Shade, Carbon Black, Burnt Umber, Bismuth Vanadate Yellow, and Chrome Oxide Green. Experience the body, strength of color and high-chroma mixability in this artists’ palette offering. Also suitable for exterior use. This set will provide enough paint for a 250-300 sq. ft. mural. Kit includes 7-16oz. sized jars and mural info packet.

Included Colors


After your mural has been painted and is fully cured, we recommend taking additional protective steps to ensure the mural has a long, healthy life. 

Mural Adhesive Gel CPWMG01-F

Mural Adhesive Gel

Golden Paintworks
® Mural Adhesive Gel is an excellent adhesive with flexibility, chemical, water and UV resistance. Designed for adhering parachute cloth to the wall when creating a mural on sections of parachute cloth (non-woven fabric) for later installation. Available in 5 Gallon Pails.

MSA Mural Varnish w/UVLS – Available in Semi-Gloss and Satin.

Golden Paintworks
 MSA Mural Varnish with UVLS (Ultraviolet Light Stabilizers) is a Mineral Spirit based Acrylic resin system that dries to a tough, yet flexible protective finish, protecting the mural against dust, dirt, marring and environmental conditions. The UVLS system provides increased resistance to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation exposure, helping to ensure the longevity of the mural colors over time. This VOC compliant coating is available in a Semi-Gloss or Satin sheen. No thinning requiredAvailable in individual gallons (CPWMV04-8 and CPWMV05-8) or as 4 Gallons in a 5 Gallon Pail 
(CPWMV04-F and CPWMV05-F)

CPWMV04-8 & CPWMV04-F MSA Mural Varnish w/ UVLS (Semi-Gloss)  Technical Data Sheet
CPWMV05-8 & CPWMV05-F MSA Mural Varnish w/ UVLS (Satin)  Technical Data Sheet


350-500 sq. ft. per gallon if applied by brush

Pricing and Purchasing
MSA Mural Varnish w/UVLS is now available for purchase through our online shopping website.

MSA Solvent CPWMV02-8

Mural Solvent

Golden Paintworks
Mural Solvent can be used to clean application tools when using the Golden Paintworks MSA Mural Varnish with UVLS. Available in Gallons. 

CPWMV02-8 MSA Mural Formula Solvent (VOC Compliant) 
Technical Data Sheet

Pricing and Purchasing
For pricing and purchasing use this Order Now link, or email Once an order has been submitted you will be contacted for confirmation and payment during normal business hours. Please email us with any questions. 


Golden Paintworks Fluid Fluorescent theme paint

Fluid Fluorescent Colors

Golden Paintworks® Fluid Fluorescent colors represent the latest technology in fluorescent pigmentation and acrylic polymer dispersions in a unique “ready to apply” viscosity for both brush and spray applications. Our enhanced matte finish formula allows the paint to be used as-is, without diluting with water. All colors are intermixable for a vast array of vibrant colors under 365nm UV Black Lights. Available in 8 oz. and Gallon sizes.

Note: Fluid Fluorescent colors are not lightfast over time and should not be used in exterior applications.

Supporting the Arts
2% of all Mural Paint sales are allocated to support non-profit Mural Arts programs and organizations with Mural Paint for their projects. This is one of the many ways Golden Artist Colors works to support its bold vision statement: “Our Company is a catalyst, bridging creative communities and inspiring positive global change through the arts”.


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