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Golden Paintworks® Metallic Paint is a water based, interior acrylic paint that is highly pigmented with iridescent mica to produce strong metallic effects. Perfect for any decorative project from up-cycling that treasured furniture piece, to adding some drama to a feature wall, lighted ceiling cap, or crown molding. Use on its own, or with any of our Golden Paintworks decorative products.

This unique line consists of 4 Tintable Bases and 28 Pre-Mixed Metallic Paint colors. All 28 colors are available in an 8 oz. trial size and are easily reproduced by your local retailer, utilizing our 4 Tint Bases in quart and gallon sizes. Brush, roll or spray apply. No extender/additive is required for rolling. Full coverage in just 2 coats that dries to a satin sheen. Create a Matte Metallic Paint quickly by simply adding 1 part Metallic Paint Matting Additive to 10 parts Metallic Paint.

GPW Paint Fan Deck

Metallic Paints Fan Deck

Introducing our Golden Paintworks® Metallic Paint Fan Deck. This traditional Fan Deck will aide in the decision making process for decorative painters, trade painters, designers and architects, when looking for a decorative metallic finish. Each leaf has a repeated color name and code on the back, so pieces can be cut off for story boards, color specifications, etc. without losing the color information. The decks have been created using lacquers instead of actual paint for production and wear characteristics. The colors represented are the 28 Pre-Mixed Jar Colors and the 4 Tint Base colors.

Metallic Paint Tintable Bases

Golden Paintworks’ four Metallic Paint Tint Base colors are the foundation for creating our Pre-Tinted Metallic Paint colors, as well as custom tinting in the studio or jobsite. Each Metallic Paint Tint Base color can be used on their own, as they have the same 2-coat coverage and ease of application as the Pre-Tinted Metallic Paints. Available in Quart & Gallon sizes.

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Metallic Paint Tint Base Bronze

Metallic Paint Pre-Tinted Colors

Golden Paintworks® Pre-Tinted Metallic Paints are water based, interior acrylic paints that are highly pigmented with iridescent mica to produce strong metallic effects. All colors cover in 2 coats with excellent brush, roll or spray application properties. No extender/additive is required for rolling, as the paint has an ample amount of working time built-in. Available in 8 oz. Jars, with Quart and Gallon sizes tinted on-demand.


NEW! Metallic Paint Pre-Tinted Colors – Expanded Palette

Introducing an expanded palette of Golden Paintworks® Pre-Tinted Metallic Paints. Adding to the 28 original tints, you’re sure to love this new range of fresh, inspiring colors. Take accent walls, furniture, or DIY projects beyond ordinary with these luminous colors. Recommended for interior use only. Available in Quart and Gallon sizes tinted on-demand.

Metallic Paint Matting Additive

Golden Paintworks® Metallic Paint Matting Additive is a concentrated dispersion of matting agents in an acrylic base that was formulated for use in all our Clear Glazes and Clear Topcoat products, but looks especially beautiful when added to the Pre-Mixed Metallic Paints. A recommended mixing ratio of 10 parts Metallic Paint to 1 part Matting Additive reduces the sheen considerably and leaves a soft, velvety look that goes well with any décor. Available in 8 oz. size.

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