Golden Paintworks is the architectural products division of Golden Artist Colors, Inc. Our relationships with mural artists have given us the opportunity to watch incredible visions turned into reality. Join us as we highlight the talents and projects of these amazing artists through our blog, “Mural Makers.”

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Jaguar in a Scuba Helmet

Over the summer, I was a part of the Front Street Walls revamp in Philadelphia. This was one of the first murals I’ve painted where I was in total control of the subject matter, which was super exciting. Lately, I keep returning to the imagery of big cats in antique scuba helmets. To me, the diving helmet represents human influence, a heavy burdensome thing.

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Mural Makers: Filomena Jack

“Read, Write, Listen” is an abstract mural in downtown Elmira that is part of the Elmira Infinite Canvas initiative. The art piece includes a little library filled with free writing and journaling supplies. This project was funded by a NYSCA grant with the help of

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Mural Makers: Zulu Painter

“Spread Love”, a mural created by Zulu Painter in Binghamton, NY is about how the good deeds we do in the world are not only beneficial to the initial receiver, but also have a butterfly effect that can create more beauty for others that wasn’t

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Mural Makers: Brent Houzenga

“Men Of Vision” is part of the iDistricts Murals & Mosaics Public Art Project in Johnson City, which aims to create 28 mural and mosaic pieces within three Innovation Districts, or “iDistricts” in Broome County within a 3 year period. “Men Of Vision” depicts George

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