Golden Paintworks is the architectural products division of Golden Artist Colors, Inc. Our relationships with mural artists have given us the opportunity to watch incredible visions turned into reality. Join us as we highlight the talents and projects of these amazing artists through our blog, “Mural Makers.”

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Raining Wisdom

This project was my mural entry for ArtPrize 2023, a yearly, international art competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My entry won this years First Place Public Vote Grand Prize out of over 900 entries. Special thanks Golden Paintworks for making awesome bold colors of acrylic mural paint that helped me realize my vision! The mural is called “Raining Wisdom”, and is a 30’ high by 66’ wide landscape of elephants and humans interacting in a tropical water environment. My inspiration for this mural came from my favorite activity growing up which was going to the river with my sister and friends, and the national symbol of my country, the elephant. In Guinea, elephants are revered for being strong, wise, and community minded beings who love and protect their family and community. I believe humans could learn a few things from elephants – so the elephants are inviting the human community to bathe in the “wisdom” they are raining down on them. Grand Rapids is known for the Grand River which flows directly through the downtown area, so the use of water and river is a homage to that location as well.

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Mural Makers: Jason Graves

I’m drawn to make public art by the opportunities I’m given to do so. I also feel drawn to make public art by the challenge it presents and the gratification that a successful project provides.

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Mural Makers: Tori Immerwahr

The mural, “Impact”, commissioned by Community Arts of Elmira, celebrates Elmira’s creative economy. It features two famous dancers from the area, as well as references to the arts, culture, and history of the city.

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Mural Makers: Rod Reynolds

This mural in downtown Elmira, NY is part of the Community Arts of Elmira’s Elmira Infinite Canvas program. The inspiration for choosing Osprey for the subject was to visually show the wildlife in and around the area.

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A Splash of Color

Mural Makers: Ladder Mouse

The mural, “A Splash of Color”, located on the side of a pharmacy building in Lake City, MN, honors the city’s 150th anniversary. The design was inspired by the spirit of Lake City itself, a small lakefront town nestled into a bluff-land river valley full

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Mural Makers: Emily White

“Jaguar in Scuba Helmet” is part of the Front Street Walls revamp in Philadelphia, PA. The mural is about how the rise of industry and technology alters our native landscapes and is threatening to wipe out wildlife.

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