LF Metallic Pearl Texture

Metallic Pearl Texture Stencil Overlay

Metallic Pearl Texture, tinted yellow, and applied over a stencil application of Metallic Gold Texture tinted to Eggplant. (See Eggplant recipe under Metallic Gold Texture)

LF Adobe Texture

Adobe Avacado Strie

Adobe Texture tinted Avacado, thinned with water and sponge applied in a strié pattern.

LF Fresco Texture

Adobe Ice Blue Strie

Fresco Texture tinted Ice Blue, sponge applied in a strié, followed by a trowel applied second coat and burnished.

LF Glass Bead XL Texture

Glass Bead XL

Glass Bead XL Texture applied with a trowel in a single layer over a white finish coat.

LF Glass Bead Texture

Glass Bead Untinted

Glass Bead Texture, untinted, applied in a single layer over a white finish coat.

LF Stucco Texture

LF Venetian Plaster Texture

LF Weathered Granite Texture

Weathered Granite Glazed

Weathered Granite Texture, trowel applied in two coats, pressing to crush some of the aggregate, then lightly glazed.