We Are Golden

Golden Paintworks delivers value-added solutions through commitment to Operational Excellence, 
Employee Ownership (ESOP), Staff Retention, and Technical Capabilities.

Operational Excellence

At GOLDEN Paintworks, we achieve high standards through the orchestrated effort of all staff members in a shared commitment to excellence. All employees understand the important role they play in ensuring customer satisfaction. In most cases, this involves a meaningful, personal touch, whether it be in producing our hand-painted color charts, providing friendly customer service, offering valuable technical support, or ensuring that labels are applied correctly. Each person helps to create standards of excellence for their position.

Technical Capabilities

The technical staff leads the research and development efforts at GOLDEN Paintworks, creating numerous product improvements and innovative new products. Our Safety and Compliance staff are responsible for all phases of regulatory compliance, including waste disposal, worker safety, product labeling and environmental permits. Golden Artist Colors also participates actively in the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Committee D01.57 on Artist Paints and Related Materials.

Employee Ownership

Golden Artist Colors has implemented an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) that provides an ownership stake in the company for its employees. Golden Artist Colors has encouraged its employees to act and feel like owners of the company through participative management practices. Out of a sense of gratitude for all the support and dedication shown by staff members over the years, emerged the desire to have employees not only “act like owners,” but become true owners as well.

Staff Retention

Staff retention has been high over our 30 year history. Many employees have grown into positions of greater responsibility as the company has quickly expanded. Long-term employees are constantly presented with new challenges and greater rewards for their years of dedicated service and the fundamental role they play in the company’s daily operations. Employees in the Filling, Shipping, Safety & Maintenance, Production, and Lab & Quality Control Departments average 6.5 years experience with the company. This depth of experience related to the manufactured materials means that our staff members are considered experts throughout the world in what they do. Each person involved in production is also involved in ensuring product quality and looks for ways to improve efficiency in the production process.

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