Bright Spot

Bright Spot is a collection of nine highly pigmented colors designed to create a dynamic, uplifting energy.
Drawing on color as a means to enhance a person’s mood, Bright Spot project paints will brighten the overall feel of any home, office or recreational area. These fun colors encourage positive energy, harmony, creativity, serenity and so much more.

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Bright Spot Colors 

Golden Paintworks® Bright Spot colors are 100% acrylic architectural coatings pigmented with artist grade colorants, selected for superior quality and strength of color. The colors are suitable for interior applications and may be diluted with water for use as glazes or washes in a wide range of techniques. Available in 16 oz. Jars.


Use as accent colors or to define a small space
Perfect for walls, furniture, home décor and small projects
Strong, vibrant colors
Thins easily for more transparent colors
Mix with Bright Spot Clean Slate to create tints
Intended for interior use, but may be used for exterior applications with a topcoat for increased durability
2 coat coverage

An Exploration of Color

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Here Comes the Sun
Is the feeling of warmth and brightness after a long period of bleak winter. It’s the sound of birds in the morning or the intensity of a sunrise illuminating your car windshield, encouraging you to roll the windows down and take it all in.

Is a sparkler in July, a prelude to cinematic fireworks alighting a séance of lightning bugs. Dancing embers over a campfire. A citrusy delight that fills the senses when peeling an orange. It’s the warmth in your chest when you receive good news, the physicality of happiness.

A necessary means of pause, the breath before the sound of a blowhorn starting a race. The sudden exhilaration of everything happening at once. Action without second guessing oneself. The boldness to act in spite of fear. Blazing trails with ideas that change the world. 

La Vie En Rose
In a memory or a dream, you hear a melody while walking the streets of Paris. It’s a woman in a red beret crooning about the sweetness of new romance. Peonies perfectly personifying poignant pinks, perfectly-layered partnerships.

Garden Party
A sweet August evening where the humidity sinks into a haze over lush fields. The sun goes down and Edison bulbs adorn the backyard. The voices of friends bubble and bounce off nearby bushes. A casual gathering to commemorate friendships.

Skies of Blue
A breath of fresh air. Vivid, deep, and cheerful. A blue sky that uplifts and presents itself to us at a moment when we most need reassurance. A blue sky has power to change perspective. Outlooks are good.

Invent Tomorrow
As a child, the rolling thunder and lightning is fearsome. It’s not understood, so feels threatening in proximity. In adulthood, the same ambiance can be exhilarating. A birth out of misunderstanding is enlightenment. 

Clean Slate
Clean Slate presents the blank page sitting open on your desktop, cursor winking in a fastidious manner. An empty apartment, with keys in your hand, the opportunity to claim space and make it yours. Not where, but how will you live?

Renewal harkens to the richness of soil, the lapping of the dark ocean against a volcanic, black-sand beach. The darkness as a place of pre-eminent return.  Ashes from which a Phoenix may rise.