Behind the Texture

with Ellie Ellis

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Meet Ellie, the artist behind Elite Artistry By Ellie and “Getting Plastered With Ellie” – an immersive 12-month program dedicated to teaching the art of Plaster Relief. With a passion for three-dimensional wall sculpting, known as Bas Relief, Ellie’s innovative techniques and unique hand-sculpted background components have captivated art enthusiasts worldwide.

In “Getting Plastered With Ellie,” each month students work through a new Plaster Relief project. Ellie’s engaging teaching style and step-by-step tutorials make learning an enjoyable journey of discovery for her students.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up and why?
As a kid, my heart yearned to be an artist when I grew up, as I found solace and joy in the act of creating. The world of colors and shapes seemed like a magical escape where I could express my innermost feelings and tell stories without words.

What was your first job as an adult and what did you learn from that experience?
Stepping into the adult world, my journey began in the magical realm of the theater. I embraced the role of a costumer and makeup artist, where every brushstroke and stitch was an expression of creativity and a chance to bring characters to life. Through this experience, I learned the art of storytelling through visual aesthetics and the profound impact of art on stage, shaping my artistic path in the world of decorative design.

What are your interests outside of decorative arts?
Beyond the decorative arts, my interests are interwoven with the joy of spending cherished moments with my daughters and grandchildren, as well as my deep love for travel. To be honest, my life is mostly spent in my studio working.

What’s something you hope to accomplish in the upcoming year?
In the upcoming year, my heart’s desire is to expand my online art classes and touch the lives of more individuals with the transformative power of Bas Relief. Witnessing my students discover their creative potential and finding their voice through art fills me with profound joy and fulfillment.

On a whim you buy a lottery ticket that ends up winning you $10 million. What would you do?
If a whimsical lottery ticket gifted me $10 million, my heart would overflow with gratitude. I would buy both my daughters a home to help and support them in these turbulent times. I would also invest in creating a collaborative art space for aspiring artists, supporting their growth and fostering a vibrant artistic community.

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