Behind the Texture

with Linette Pedigo

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I’m Linette Pedigo, an Indiana based artist and decorative painter. I own Linette’s Painting and Fine Art, where I specialize in custom murals, faux finishes, and original fine art. I do a lot of residential and commercial work of varying styles, with clients scattered around the United States. My artwork, which is created by a process I have coined “plaster painting”, is very textured and is inspired by nature and the various textures and patterns I find in it.

Where are you from? Where and what did you study?
I was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, where I still reside. I actually still live in my childhood home, though I’ve made it my own through and through. I attended Indiana University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. During and after college, I fully intended on pursuing a career in graphic design, but sometimes, and thankfully, life has its own path for you.

What was your first job as an adult and what was that experience like?
After college, my first job was the one that set the tone for the rest of my life and started my career path into decorative painting. I got a position working alongside a local interior decorator who staged model homes for new housing additions. I started out mainly painting murals in the kids rooms, but it then expanded into faux finishing certain areas of the houses as well. This position taught me so much and ignited the fire inside of me to learn about all the products and techniques I could in the decorative painting industry. 

What is your favorite thing about the decorative industry/community?
Hands down it is making people happy with my artistic endeavors. I love that I get to be creative on a daily basis and to help transform people’s spaces into what they’ve always wanted.

Movies or books? And what genres?
Definitely movies for me, and I would say it’s a toss up between horror and science fiction. I love visual effects and the opportunity to escape reality, and the crazy emotional turmoil these types of movies produce in me is surprisingly cathartic.

What’s your favorite paint color and why?
This one is hard actually, because it’s so hard to pick just one. But I will say magenta, but a deeper tone like quinacridone magenta. Payne’s Grey is a very close second though.

What’s something you wish you could tell your younger self?
Follow your dreams! You may fail, but definitely try again. I mean, we have just this one life, so make it your best life with no regrets.

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