Behind the Texture

with Shiree Nichole Ingram

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Shiree is the oldest of four girls, born in Newport Oregon and growing up in southwest Montana. She comes from a hard-working family with her father as a logger and later owning a drywall business. All four girls worked in drywall and much of Shiree’s knowledge and love for texture comes from working with her father.

How did you get into decorative arts and was it a career you saw for yourself early on?
As a girl I always loved pencil sketching and as I got older started painting. I never thought of art as a career, always a hobby. I remember comments growing up such as “starving artist”, “art isn’t a career, you can’t make money at it”, “only dead artist’s make money.” Later in life those comments would spur me on to prove them wrong.

I continued to paint and sketch for the enjoyment into my early thirties. In my twenties I worked in accounting jobs and later would start working with my father in his drywall business. He taught me many hand textures and that is where my love for textures began.

My situation in life changed and I needed to start working full-time. I wanted to do something I loved. After researching decorative finishing schools, I decided to attend Faux Effects International in Seattle, WA. I was determined to make a success of this business and incorporated Dry Creek Finishing, Inc. before attending. I also set up appointments with clients for after our return to view our new portfolio. In 2002 my father and I attended our first class together. In 2015 I renamed the business to Shiree Nichole Designer Finishes LLC. This year marks twenty years in the faux art industry.

I love learning about new products, techniques and the chemistry behind the product. There is nothing like on-the-job training and I am always learning something new. I am very grateful for the designer’s and decorator’s I work with. They all have different design approaches. I love the diversity of finishes I create and the collaboration that goes with it.

In 2006 I started painting abstract art, mainly oils on canvas. In 2017 I began abstract acrylic art on Lucite.

Over the years I have attended classes for decorative finishes, oil, watercolor and classes on prospective. I appreciate learning from so many different artists using different mediums.

How would you describe your artistic style or the esthetic you bring to your work?
Dimension and texture are very important to me. I enjoy creating elegant fine finishes to very bold abstract. One of my passions is matching wall plates on stone and granite. No two are ever alike and I like the challenge. I pay attention to trends in wallpaper, flooring and furniture and design finish samples to compliment, as the world of design is constantly changing.

When it comes to abstract acrylic art I want color, depth and fluidity. I particularly like creating on large pieces. 

What are some of your favorite decorative trends? Are there any you don’t particularly like?
I absolutely love custom live edge wood furniture pieces. I also appreciate the artistry of incorporating colorful resins into the wood giving it a more modern twist.

In my opinion I feel a more simplistic and organic approach to design is trending. It is a style that creates a peaceful and calming home atmosphere, which I feel is so critical in our busy lives. More “stuff” creates stress.

I can’t really say that there is any particular design style I don’t like. It might not be how I would want my own home decorated, but I have a great appreciation for good design in all styles.

What’s something you hope to accomplish in 2022?
I have so many different ideas, with long and short-term goals. I am grateful to have so many creative experts in their own fields helping me to grow.

Currently the plan is to create step by step faux teaching videos. The videos will include finishes made from products available to the general public. The videos will be available for purchase and I will make myself available to answer any questions that a customer might have in the process.

If you had to choose a different career, what would it be?
I would like to start an organization that provides resources for Autistic Adults to be as independent as possible, providing them with the best quality of life possible. There is such a need for parents of special needs children to be able to have the resources to plan for their children’s care when they are gone. Often the agencies that are available are limited and very costly.

What’s something you wish you could tell your younger self?
To follow my “gut” instinct and not ignore it. If something doesn’t feel right about a job or client I don’t take the job. 

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