GPW Spring 2020 Limited Edition Collection

Limited Edition Collections feature unique, talented decorative painting studios and designers. Using our exceptional paint products, they have curated a collection of some of their favorite surface techniques. These custom finishes, created especially for you, feature downloadable PDFs with step by step instructions. Expect the unexpected. Expect Golden Paintworks.

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After the Rain decorative finish

Elena & Rodica

Art Deco Unique

Elena and Rodica are two prosperous and hardworking individuals united by a common interest and artistry. E & R Wall Art by Art Deco Unique are open to travel and collaboration with designers, contractors, businesses, and homeowners.

Based in New York with an Eastern European background, they learned to thrive open-minded and border-less. Each wall art commission consistently requires individual touch and specific combination of technics.

Elena graduated as a Fashion Designer in 2010, and Rodica graduated as a Mural Artist in Design and Decorative in Design and Decorative Arts in 2006. Their years of experience in Murals, Gilding, Mosaic, and Decorative Finishes, along with academic achievements and diverse artistic skills, demonstrate imminent triumph and delight through their Wall Art and Design.

Art Deco Unique brings joy by doing what they love, and their talent is recognized at national and international competitions, winning multiple awards along the years. The experience gained from multiple projects, combined with their knowledge and curiosity, engaged a beautiful cooperation between them and the versatility of Golden Paintworks products. Rodica and Elena are excited for challenges and new opportunities to dig into their luggage full of ideas.

After the Rain

Glass Drip decorative finish

Jason Rosales

Artisan Factor

Artisan Factor is a professional cabinet refinishing & decorative finishing company servicing the Central Florida area in the residential, commercial and hospitality fields. With over 15 years of faux and decorative finishing experience …

Jason Rosales provides a wide range of looks on cabinetry, millwork, interior/exterior walls, and ceilings using glazes, paints, plaster, texture, wood graining, marbling, gilding, stenciling and embossing.

He has a commitment to quality that shows in every step of a project, from his product selection and surface preparation to the final finish results. As a problem solver and a hands-on type, he has helped many find the best solution for their space while staying within budget. Creating a beautiful and stylish environment for his client is a passion and doing so with a commitment to care and an eye for detail only comes naturally.

Melded Crystal

Ombre Stencil Fade

Concrete decorative finish

Michelle Kole

Michelle Kole Decorative Surfaces

Michelle Kole is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in the creation and installation of decorative surfaces for the interior design and architectural industry. Her love of interiors, art, and beautiful things lead to the creation of Michelle Kole Decorative Surfaces.

Michelle has over 20 years experience in the field of custom, hand-applied specialty finishes and site-specific art. Interior designers, architects, and homeowners alike come to her for a unique combination of aesthetic vision, technical knowledge, and craftsmanship.

Michelle works in time-honored techniques and mediums and builds upon them in contemporary ways. Based in Brooklyn, NY, her walls, custom artwork and design embellishments can be seen in luxury homes and commercial spaces throughout the New York City tri-state area and beyond.

Gradient Waves

Arctic Ice decorative finish

Tim Glastetter

Tim Glastetter, Decorative Artist

Tim Glastetter is a native of the St. Louis area. His lifelong passion and innovative use of painting techniques began in childhood. Tim transforms a client’s perspective of paint from a simple medium into a critical design component.

This passion and vision forged the pathway for his professional career as a decorative painter. He pursued arts throughout his college education and continues to hone and innovate his craft through class and trade show participation. He is an active member of the International Decorative Artists League (IDAL) and Metro Artisans Guild (MAG). 

Functionality, adaptive reuse, and nature are central to Tim’s contemporary vision. Designers, contractors, architects, and homeowners seek his counsel on innovative design. Tim’s studio, RiverHouse, was originally a condemned property along the scenic bluffs of the Bourbeouse River, located nearly 45 mins west of St Louis. His resourceful and inventive use of paint during the remodeling process of the RiverHouse has been featured in multiple magazines and newspapers. 

More information about Tim and his Riverhouse Project can be found on his website, Tim Glastetter.

Golden Circles

Metallic Wood